android update for nokia phones

google, the best of all search engines. over time, started to venture into applications for windows and mac. microsoft has been providing platform for google to grow through windows. google outperforms bing search engine in all search related contexts.

chrome is the fastest browser because it uses more than half of the computer’s ram and cpu.

in September of 2013 microsoft bought nokia’s mobile business for over $7 billion. they were concerned about the quality of service provided to their consumers and also wanted control over the hardware they produced.

hmd announced the Android-based smartphone nokia 6 in January 2017. they later switched to releasing phones with the android one program, where updates were guaranteed. despite nokia selling phones, there is no regular update on android on any series of android one phones in unison. nokia 3.1 plus and the nokia 5.1 plus are yet to receive the android pie update. this shows, even after nokia started to run android on their mobiles, google  has been delaying updates, which goes against the reputation of the best mobile manufacturer, nokia.

when i purchase nokia 3.1 plus, and i wait for the android pie update and i read elsewhere that android pie is available for nokia 6.1 and nokia 6.1 plus, i will sell my nokia 3.1 plus and invest in nokia 6.1. i feel google delaying updates on many of their devices, is a part of deceptive marketing to sell new hardware.

many features on the android phones are vendor specific. you could change the shape of icons from the home screen setting on the nokia phones but cannot find these settings in the pixel phones of google itself.

the only alternative to android is the iphone, priced about ten times higher than the average android phone sold worldwide. apple controls both hardware and the software of the iphone. apple even acquired logic pro, where guaranteed updates are provided for no extra cost.

what is yet to come is a phone company that owns operating platform and hardware, priced less than the iphone and more than the average android phone, where software is updated for free and hardware is of higher quality. lack of applications shut down lumia phones. ubuntu or blackberry venturing to the smartphone market may provide the best smartphone people may have been searching for.

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