dairy mafia

If we look at the picture below, you see a milk product having a soy ingredient.

Swiss Milk Chocolate with Honey and Almond Nougat (10%)
Ingredients: Sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, honey (3%), milk fat, almonds (1.6%), emulsifier (soya lecithin), egg white, flavouring (vanillin).
Milk chocolate contains: Cocoa solids 28% minimum. Milk solids 14% minimum.

no one seems to have an issue with the phyto estrogen of soy from Toblerone. dairy industry is mafia, protecting slaughter houses, abuse  and confinement, and they have managed to convince people through a cruel and deceptive propaganda of soy milk having plant estrogen and numerous other stories. the irony being dairy cows and cows that are slaughtered are fed soy for them to yield more milk grow faster.

i have been drinking coffee without cream or dairy or even soy milk since 12 years and I enjoy to drink more without any flavor or sugar. the dairy industry has also convinced people that when milk is an ingredient in baking, there are health benefits to bread and cake. there is no requirement of dairy in any form of cuisine. just because a cow roams about free somewhere in the pasture, do not provide humans any kind of a license to abuse the animal and convert that to a money vending machine. Animals are here with us, not for us.

when you read a news from new york post website, you may wonder what is president trump’s take on dairy.

the dairy mafia has been resorting to all possible marketing strategies to subliminally induce dairy consumption among humans.  only infants below six months digest lactose, following which, they become tolerant to milk sugar. arnold schwarzenegger endorsing beer over milk may have convinced many of his followers to quit milk.

when google name their android KitKat, trump has issues with canadian dairy farms, metro-goldwyn-mayer studios inc. released cartoons illustrating tom, jerry, spike, and tom’s cousins fighting over cheese and milk, body builders endorse whey protein, people believe milk is essential for their survival, or is an integral part of their diet.

indian farmers believe cows produce excess milk than what the calf require and they think it is essential to milk the cow for the well-being of cows, ” of course they do not mention they consume and sell milk. they separate the calf after it drinks milk for about five minutes and confine the cow for ever. this also could mean that indians could milk their neighbor if she is lactating more than what her baby drinks.

indians also consider cow as divine and the bulls either as organic engines for carts or source of meat. however, the dairy industry in india never really show what happens to the divine animals for real. male counterparts of divine cows are used to transport goods. colleges of dairy technology in india provide source of income for veterinary doctors to prey on animal confinement, and learn how to impregnate cows, where milk continuously keeps flowing, adding to economy. the healthcare has also convinced people to an extent where milk became an integral part of food served in schools and hospitals. when milk is produced naturally in women for their children, doctors prescribe milk protein and also recommend cows milk proving even the healthcare education system as fake. consuming dairy will also provide doctors an opportunity to feast on patients’ suffering from lactose intolerance, obesity, heart diseases and mood disorders.

milk has been forcefully incorporated in the recipe of biscuits produced worldwide. whole wheat flour, coconut sugar, yeast, baking powder and oil is all that is required in producing biscuits. what has cow got to contribute to baking?

a combination of human craving to make money and unwillingness to work is the only reason for animal farming, as there is no human activity involved other than providing food to animals, that are confined, abused, impregnated, incubated, milked and eventually slaughtered. this turned out into a large scale business where farming became all about waiting for the animal to mature and yield money.

if we evaluate a land used to produce rice, corn, wheat or soy, a minimum agricultural space would be about 10 acres  or you cannot see where the field ends. when a large portion of land is used to produce a product that do not move around and only grow vertically, farmers have that added sadistic intelligence, to reduce the space of their activity limiting to about twice the size of the animal. this is to gain more control over the animals compared to running after them on open spaces, which explains interest of humans to harvest money without working and moving around

when laws restrict or punish people who harm others through violence, people started to express their perversions and anger else where, at the expense of slaughtering animals, confining them and consuming meat. in the animal kingdom, meat eaters are aggressive and hunt. humans consume meat and dairy whether they are aggressive, depressed, happy, sad, gay or bisexual. meat and milk are advertised in a deceptive way through attractive men and women and is made to look like art work. when an average of 100 people are analyzed from any part of the world, about 90% of them consume milk and about 70% eat meat. among these people, only about 1% will have abdominal muscles similar to the models on television.

there are several videos on the internet where predators attacking live stocks are shot down by farmers, who would not want to build a fence for the safety of the animals they breed or milk. they have a reason to kill, than preventing  livestock with fences.

there are instances where competitors work together to create profit. vegans endorse soy milk and dairy companies sell cows milk for prices less than half a liter of soy milk. the only solution for consumers here, is to stop consuming milk of any form.

nothing will ever happen to the human population if they stop dairy for good. the only loss would be for the dairy industry. had i been the head of a powerful nation, i would have banned dairy and would also have assured that the animal farmers do not know what farming means.

if president trump really cared for animals, he would have offered well paid jobs to farmers who give up dairy and slaughterhouses, provide subsidy to plant protein industries, reduce prices of plant protein to less than what dairy charge and eventually shut down the dairy and meat industry. he must also have ensured that animal testing is banned. “To face animal suffering is to face our responsibility in their suffering.” -JoAnne McArthur

a world where animals are free to live, and have control over their off springs without human intervention, will create harmony among different species of animals and prosper without curses of animals.

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