iphone olx

Never purchase i phones from olx, or other classifieds, sold by army officers, soldiers, ex navy officers, bartenders, people who got the better model, or people who claim to sell with box or without charger, with bill or with and without cables, or from any one, because

  1. iPhone accessories and parts are expensive. many people sell iPhone without finger print scanner. this would incur a display replacement fee of 16,000/- INR or 220 USD, in order to fix the fingerprint sensor. when parts of iPhone are so expensive, it is certain that the seller could get more money from selling parts of the phone for a cheaper price than the re-seller, and still make more money, than the phone he sells, may be for 10,000/- INR.
  2. investing in an iPhone will put you on a risk of purchasing parts for prices more than the cost of phone you purchase from olx.
  3. many advertisements are unrealistic, the seller might put up an advertisement of iPhone 6x for 16,000/- Rupees and when you call him, he will say we do not have 6s, we only have 7. this provokes the client to think that the seller is ignorant, and selling a phone of higher price for less. truth being, the series of answers are already taught to the people who attend calls.
  4. the iPhone and army scam with fake ids, is a scam, to believe that army employees get iPhone for a lower price from their canteens or what so ever the store is called, and the prices that they sell although are unrealistic, is made to be deceptive with the army tag. Even if he the army man is genuine, the phone will very likely be fake.
  5. if the seller is in your locality and sells an iPhone, it is better to stay away from purchasing that, because you also have to see, if you would have the money to invest on a better iPhone in the future, after being familiar with IOS.
  6. android and ios drowned the windows phone, that was up to date, wrt, software, despite apps of google being developed on Microsoft computers. Since launch of Windows phones, google was even skeptical in providing their services as apps on windows phones.
  7. Consumer capitalism is where the consumer demand is manipulated, in a deliberate and coordinated way, on a very large scale, to the advantage of sellers. the successor of Iphone 8, which is the Iphone X, and XR, i.e  the next product apple make, will make the previous model inferior on a wide margin. This product will not be available on olx for a cheaper price, and at this point of time, you may want to switch to android one phone, hence making the switch to IOS waste of money.
  8. As you may come across many advertisements, majority of them, sell only the phone, retaining the ear pods and charger, which makes it clear that people sell everything separate.
  9. It is also wiser to use your friend’s phone for emergency calling and taking pictures, than investing on an iPhone from olx.

What you could consider investing on?

Android one phones of Nokia, priced at 10,000/- INR between 12,000/- INR, where the company guarantee updates from google. Examples include Nokia 3.1 plus and Nokia 5.1 plus  or Nokia 6.1.

Although Iphone boasts the best camera among their competitors, the primary use of phones are to make calls, smartphones for internet and banking. Instagram clips will look much clear when recorded with a Canon or a Sony camera. There is always an option to invest in camera of Fuji Film, sony, canon, olympus or nikon, when you intention is photography, this will also provide growth to camera manufacturers and motivate people to capture photos that are of higher resolution than iPhone or Nokia.

What not to purchase are the hi end phones of Samsung, One Plus, Vivo, Asus and Oppo, because, their software is custom made and you will have to rely on the phone company to provide you updates, unlike android one phones Mi A1, A2, Infinix Note 5, Entire series of Nokia phones, and Motorola One Power Black, where updates come from google.

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