vegan biscuit in india

There is no vegan biscuit in India. Milk solids are added to all biscuits manufactured. Even if the labels do not mention dairy, it would be safer to stay away from them. In 2018, i came across five biscuit varieties, that have no dairy on their labels. parle platina nutricrunch, natures promise cookies, Britannia 50 50 sweet and salty, parle milano choco n hazelnut center filled cookies and sunfeast farmlite active protein biscuits. 

as you can see from the picture below, there is no dairy ingredient in the newer version of britannia 50 50 compared to butter in their previous version. perhaps they forgot to print the word butter, as the biscuit more or less taste the same. although there is excess sugar in this biscuit, i would rather consider to stay away from this biscuit.

nutricrunch lite crackers have no dairy on their list of ingredients.  lite crackers with black cardamom tea, preferably of cafe coffee day without sugar, tastes anytime better than consuming dairy, and is a safer meal to consume post exercise. as mentioned above, the content of sugar in biscuits do not make any sense, as grain itself classifies as substance that contribute to increase in sugar levels.

below is the picture of ingredients in parle nutricrunch lite crackers where no dairy is mentioned. lite crackers are harder to chew than Britannia 5o 50. nutricrunch crackers also do not produce any craving for sugar after consumption.

natures promise is a company based in coimbatore, tamil nadu, that produce millet biscuits. although the labels show no dairy, the company is also involved in the production of products using dairy. surprisingly, none of the biscuits of natures promise has milk or dairy as their ingredient.

searching for vegan biscuits in general is a waste of time. the companies that manufacture biscuits are also producing products with dairy ingredients, mainly milk powder and butter. consuming biscuits also leads to tooth decay over time, where there is a higher risk of hard baked flour accumulating between cavities. the safer alternative would be to consume whole wheat bread or pita bread, which is also gentle on the masseter muscles.

parle milano choco and hazelnut center filled cookies have no dairy mentioned anywhere on cover, however, the chocolate inside may very likely have milk products. even if the company mention about 100 ingredients, the consumer do not get to see how biscuits are manufactured.

products like these do not mention the word vegan, despite having no dairy on their list of ingredients.

made from chicpea, sunfeast farmlite protein power biscuits have no milk products mentioned anywhere on their list of ingredients. these are priced low as the britannia 50 50 sweet and salty and have added spices.



an easier alternative is to cut ripe plantain to long slices. add refined wheat flour, baking soda, yeast, sugar and a liter of water to create a paste, on another bowl. soak the plantain in the dough and medium fry in oil, after an hour. when you know how your meal is prepared, you will have peace of mind and stay healthy, choosing the right ingredients.

The Hershey Company recently released Sofit cookies that is supposed to be soy bean cookies, however dairy milk solids are a part of their list of ingredient which makes these biscuits not healthy for consumption.

Hershey incorporates dairy in all their products. Therefore Sofit Cookies are not vegan.

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