vegan biscuit in india

in 2018, i came across two biscuit varieties,  that have no dairy. parle platina nutricrunch and Britannia 50 50 sweet and salty.

as you can see from the picture below, there is no dairy ingredient in the newer version of britannia 50 50 compared to butter in their previous version. although there is excess sugar in this biscuit, i would consider this much more safer than consuming dairy. assuming the labels are appropriate and not that they forgot to mention butter, Britannia 50 50 would classify as a vegan biscuit available in India. the other variant of britannia 50 50,  maska chaska, has butter mentioned on their newer product as well.

Nutricrunch lite crackers also have no dairy mentioned on their label.  lite crackers with black cardamom tea, preferably of cafe coffee day without sugar, tastes anytime better than dairy, and is a safer meal to consume post exercise. As mentioned above, the content of sugar in any biscuit do not make any sense, as grain itself classifies as substance that contribute to increase in sugar levels.

Below is the picture of ingredients in parle nutricrunch where no dairy is mentioned. the product, however, has more grains compared to Britannia 50 50. nutricrunch is harder to chew compared to Britannia 5o 50. nutricrunch also do not produce any craving for sugar after consumption.

why would cows be a part of the biscuit industry or any form of trade? cows or buffaloes do not even know why they are milked or confined. humans are showing their inner frustration or depression in abusing animals by confining them and extracting their milk. i believe every animal deserves their space and freedom to move around and product milk exclusive for what milk is meant for. cow or any animal produce milk for their calf. a dog or a goat would not suck milk from a cow had it been in need of any form of nutrition.

The dairy industry has grown larger than any form of trade and people are made to believe that milk is necessary for growth. This has been a forced campaign to generate huge income risking freedom of cows. Natural disasters could possibly a curse to human perversions relating to animal abuse.  Cows have also been considered divine. However, no one would confine animals that are considered to be divine or insert a rope through their nostrils.

Soy milk excluded from the biscuit manufacturing lobby is an example of promoting dairy covertly through multiple  products. Shampoo made from cows milk, butter being an ingredient in baking, cheese shown in cartoons has been an art of convincing humans to depend on milk. Only when people stop consuming dairy or be completely aware of the health disasters that could cause from consuming dairy, the industry would subside and become non existent.


rumen fistula

Scientists in Switzerland invented rumen fistulas, a hole cut into the side of cows, were a tube that goes down the stomach, is inserted. This hole allows farmers to transplant bacteria and fungi in their stomach.

Peta considers the procedure of drilling holes gruesome, however, they seem to be fine with the cows with the hole in their stomach post surgery. Peta, of course, may not monitor their members who add milk to their coffee or other beverages.

Scientists, despite enormous research, did not notice that even the calf do not drink cows milk after they are grown up. They also forgot to notice that cows have a better bone density that the people who consume their milk. Green leaves and vegetables provide more calcium than milk, although, the dairy industry believes that cows are there to provide calcium to humans.

This procedure seems to be more perverted than any other experiment humans carried out. The fact that humans find pleasure to poke their hands inside a live animals stomach for its betterment, for extracting milk that is meant for its calf, seems to be awful.

If only the cows of other countries form a convention for the cows in Switzerland for their freedom, these holes could be sealed and the cows could be free from the clutches of humans. The cow is not a milk vending machine as they have the choice to lead their own lives. People who are already proving themselves to be inhuman by confining cows have no right to further drill holes on cows stomach for their overall longevity. Someday humans may notice a possible source of income from another animal discharging excess body fluid, they may confine that animal, creating a nutritional information chart to sell that fluid, whatsoever that is and regardless of which body part that came from.

Tantra Massage – Kundalini Awakening.

Tantra Massage is a leaf out of Tantra Yoga. It’s an effort to experience the very deepest valley of relaxation. Awakening of your dormant kundalini energy, enabling it to move upwards. Making one revitalize their energy which is livelier, more alive and more radiant.

Tantra massage sets out to free blocked energy throughout the body and awaken the Kundalini, a potent energy that lies to rest at the base of the spine.

When the Kundalini rises from its restful state, it spreads out along the spine and precipitates healing throughout the body.

Practitioners and people connected to the working of the human energy system might be able to relate to its working or may know a lot about it but surprisingly I have come across a lot of people both offline and online having a lot of misconception about tantra massage thus it’s my sincere effort to throw some light on the given topic.

To start with let us try to understand the working of tantra massage in most simple layman terms possible.

As we all know the most important part of the fruit is its seed. When the seed-germs the fruit ripens from outside and falls down. Similarly, we as humans have something like seeds called Chakras in yogic terminology and Endocrine glands in scientific terminology.

Every Chakra has a certain role to play in the physical, emotional and spiritual plane.

We all humans have one prime energy within us called the kundalini energy or the sexual energy or any other name one may call it.

The energy is dormant in our base chakra. The energy here is so powerful that it can give birth to a new life, a new baby.

The same energy, when used for our upliftment, has the potential to make us a superman or superwomen. But sadly we as humans waste this energy either for sensual pleasure or procreation.

Tantra is about the transcendence of our own sexual energy. It’s about the rise in our sexual energy rather than fall.

The entire purpose is to recharge and regenerate one’s sexual energy rather than waste it. It’s as simple as charging our batteries.

As we all know once batteries are charged it’s overall performance improves significantly.

Energy is movement. It simply signifies growth. It has been a futile effort for centuries to control or curtail our energy which has lead to madness and chaos everywhere around.

There is no point in fighting against our own energy. Instead of fighting against it, tantra massage aims at giving it direction by channelizing it to move upwards to be absorbed by higher chakra’s to attain a more balanced equanimous state.

In tantra massage, our potent energy is channelized to move upwards rather than downwards and through its upward movement, it is able to awaken all the chakra’s which comes in its way thereby charging and empowering all of them in the process.

Just as how the force of water clean and sweeps the entire house, upward movement of our energy cleanses and energizes all chakra’s.

The goal of the tantra massage is to awaken the seven chakras along the spine of the body in an effort to awaken the sleeping Kundalini from its rest and make it move upwards.

Benefits of Tantra massage can be experienced both on physical (form) as well as formless level.

On the physical level, it has miraculous anti-aging benefits since one’s sexual energy is recharged and rejuvenated. It aims to work in the center rather than on the periphery. Once that your sexual gland are empowered at the center, your body on the periphery would never grow old. Plain and simple.

One the formless level one is able to experience unconditional bliss and joy of his being as one is able to come out of cobwebs of habitual thinking.

One is able to experience the blissful state of timelessness and egolessness which is nothing but just a realization of one’s true self.

We all experience this blissful state for a fraction of second in our intimate orgasmic state. But since it’s just a momentary state, we are unable to hold on to it and thus the universal craving of having it over and over again.

The reason why tantra is often referred to as the valley of orgasm and also called the ORGASMIC MEDITATION technique is that it allows the recipient to soak in the blissful state for the prolonged period of time.

Tantra massage immensely helps people suffering from emotional pain body or emotional distress. Every thought gives rise to an emotion. Since we as humans normally suppress a lot of our emotions during various phases of our lives. This build-up in suppressing one’s emotion over the period of time gives rise to something called the “Emotion Pain Body” which lingers in one’s energy field and often the reason for emotional pain and suffering. Tantra Massage serves as one of the very powerful tools for breaking free from emotional pain body as the recipient would often catch themselves crying or blushing unconditionally through the process. It’s just one of the way of breaking free from what is suppressed over the period of time.

That is one of the reasons one is able to feel immensely light after the session as if the monkey is off your back.

Thus the steps of tantra massage can be explained in four simple steps:

1. Relaxing the physical body and creating a pathway for the energy to move freely.

2. Freeing the body and mind from emotional pain body.

3. Awakening of one’s kundalini energy.

4. Empowering it to move upwards through the breathing technique guided by the therapist.

Trust the above article was able to share some light and clear misconceptions if any. Kindly feel free to ping me on +91 9869012540 or leave your comments below in case if you have any further query.


feather popular safety razor review

before we review the feather popular safety razor, we discuss pros and cons of safety razors. Safety razors reduce expenses on shaving compared to other ready made expensive razors. there is no plastic waste in safety razors. only the stainless steel blade is disposed from safety razors, which again are recyclable. disadvantages of safety razors are cuts and bruises on the skin, because of lack of expertise in shaving, lesser choices and safety razors not sold in all stores or supermarkets makes them less available to the public.

unlike computer products and cell phones manufactured in China or Vietnam, feather popular safety razors are made in Japan. the razor is minimalistic in design and also very light, which makes maneuvering easy compared to lifting heavy safety razors. feather popular is cylindrical and symmetric in shape, except for the plastic protrusions on either side below. feather popular double edge razor incorporates high-quality plastic and metal. the razor is gentle on skin and does not cut or bruise skin unless hands are unstable. there is lesser risk of finger injury as the blades could be taken off the razor from the sides without any effort.

feather blades are expensive. the company neither endorse feather blades.  any stainless steel blade could fit into the razor. Gillette 7 o clock permasharp blades work well with feather safety razors. feather popular also does not provide a closer shave. closer shave is not recommended because the skin may damage over time. there may be a risk of damage when dropped or while mishandling. we recommend purchasing a pair of these razors as they are reasonably priced and the second razor will certainly come in handy in case of any damage.


H1b Visa

There have been numerous concerns about restricting the inflow of skilled workers to united states.  h1b visa is mostly provided to high skilled workers from india and china. moreover issue of the visa requires sufficient demand for workers in the job market and also lacks employees who are natives of the united states.

there is nothing wrong in a country imposing work visa restrictions for their prosperity and safety. people who work with h1b visa may not reside in the united states for long and may return to their respective countries. providing h1b visas only to workers who would eventually want a green card would have taken off the burden of screening or restricting workers to the country. canada’s skilled migrant immigration program, although incorporate all kinds of professions, could be an example for h1b visas terms and conditions.

software professionals could work from their home countries if they do not intend to reside in the united states for long. however, other highly skilled professions such as doctors, scientists, nurses and miscellaneous healthcare professionals are exemptions. for example, a healthcare professional intending to work in the united states for two years for his financial requirement is creating a barrier for another worker of the same stature who would want to become an american citizen through his work visa. providing h1b only to aspiring immigrants may also reduce the stress levels of people who read about restrictions all over the media.

Benefits Of Eating Bread Or Baked Cuisine

Although bread is non-paleo, there are several advantages of consuming bread to other whole grain diets. fermentation is the most important part of baking as the process increases the volume of bread twice its size and therefore the end product becomes larger in volume, with lesser calories compared to other whole grain foods of the same volume. fermented eats are also easier on the digestive system and provides a pleasant satiated feeling.

bread is also gentle on the masseter muscles since there is lesser force involved in chewing and therefore do not contribute to facial deformities, mainly of the jaw bone. consuming bread is also beneficial for people suffering from TMJ disorder because they are softer. moreover, after consumption, cleaning teeth is effortless. however, maintaining oral hygiene is important regardless of what is consumed. almond or soymilk is recommended for baking because dairy is for the calf. coconut and mustard oil, when used for baking, may contribute to body odor and foul scented urine. after eating bread, washing hands is subject to one’s freedom of choice.

baking requires less oil. consuming oil even in larger volumes is healthy in paleo as fat does not make people obese. bread, not being paleo is healthier compared to other similar harvested carbohydrates because they require lesser fat to prepare and leaves no residue. moreover, lesser oil in baking creates less odor and makes the process more organized, elementary and cleaner compared to the mess involved in cleaning utensils and vessels after frying food in oil. consuming bread also reduces cravings for carbohydrates.

being accustomed to eating sugarless bread enhances the sense of taste and may also put an end to bad breath. bread could be consumed the way it is purchased or baked, without topping with vegetables, meat or eggs. baking is initially a tedious process, however, becomes relatively easier through perseverance and practice. bread is easier to store compared to cooked bean or potatoes or whole grain eats made in steam or oil and may even last relatively longer than their counterparts.


Mumbai City Review

Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) is the financial centre of India. Mumbai is densely populated and is also the largest city in India. The city’s also famous for Bollywood film industry. Mumbai, Maharashtra, is the second-highest-income Indian city by GDP per capita. Mumbai offers a higher standard of living and attracts migrants from all over the country, because of better standards of living, easy and affordable public transport, cultural diversity and connectivity. 

Mumbai is one among the few places in the world where even the sea is unnoticed because of the crowd. Housing is very expensive and property prices are almost equivalent to prices in better off world cities. Rented houses or apartments cost a lot of money compared to any other city in India and for this reason, singles share accommodation. There is little or almost negligent cultural conflict among communities, because of the fast pace of living in the city. Moreover, mumbai inhabitants have almost no time for any form of conflict. People are free and safe throughout the day and you even get to find them gathering early in the morning near the sea. However, most of the city’s infrastructure was laid by the British during their colonial rule in India. Although Mumbai expands to a broader boundary closer to Gujarat, the city more or less ends in Vile Parle that hosts the airport, following which, the ambience you find from Churchgate or CST, Mumbai disappears all of a sudden.

Unlike any other city in India, street food although many of the outlets being unlawful, are very popular in Mumbai. Bombay Municipal Corporation of Mumbai confiscates unauthorised street vendors and controls what is being sold. Coffee is priced on an average of 2 USD in premier cafe’s and the other coffee what you are served in restaurants for less than a dollar is made of instant coffee powder, blended with chicory. the city also holds a largest international airport and the most organized local transit called mumbai local train.

cities are built on a foundation and developing cities have no foundation to develop as they were not planned to be expanded in the first place. Mumbai, however, was large enough from early days of progress and has possibilities to expand even further by increasing the number of skyscrapers. there is a significant imbalance in the number and living standards of people on or around apartments in the premium parts of Mumbai namely worli sea face, church gate, khar – bandra sea shores compared to the extensive amount of inhabitants who live in overpopulated housing colonies across other suburbs of mumbai. 

many of the major banks of india, including those of Gujarat, are headquartered in mumbai. Telecom providers have separated Mumbai from Maharashtra for providing mobile telecommunication to people mainly because of the larger population and consumer market. Although adjacent cities of Mumbai namely Pune and Nashik provide housing for almost half of the pricing what mumbai offers, wealthy people choose to live in Mumbai because of the city’s heterogeneous cultural stature.

Odourless Paleo Egg Recipe

4 raw egg whites and 4 separate yolks

1 fine cut tomato

1 fine cut onion

green chillies and bell pepper

extra virgin coconut oil

Separate yolk with your palms after breaking them on a large vessel and add these egg yolks to 4 separate smaller vessels.

mix all ingredients except yolk with the egg white and fry a portion in a pan for about a minute. while this is being cooked, create a space towards the centre of the egg whites and pour the egg yolk over this. close the frying pan to cook for a minute without breaking the yolk.  now garnish with coriander, parsley and chilli flakes. repeat the same with the other 3 egg yolks and you have an egg recipe without odour.

What may be done at any time will be done at no time.